Testing Services

ISO 17025 Accredited Tests

  1. STEP Test (ASTM B764) -Simultaneous thickness and electrochemical potential determination of individual layers in multilayer nickel deposits
  2. Plating thickness by microscopic cross-section (ASTM B487)
  3. Coulometric Thickness Measurement of Metallic Coatings (ASTM B504) - chromium, other metals, electroless nickel
  4. Dubpernell Test (ASTM B456) -(Discontinuous chromium) Standard Specification for Electrodeposited Coatings of Copper Plus Nickel Plus Chromium and Nickel Plus Chromium
  5. Anodized Aluminum coating thickness (ASTM B244)
  6. Sealing quality of anodic coatings on aluminum (ASTM B457)
  7. Failure evaluation of plated/coated parts
  8. Micrometer bend test for Ductility (ASTM B490)
  9. Saw Grind Adhesion test, Heat Quench Test (ASTM B571) Par. 8, Par. 9, GMW 14668, Par.
  10. Determination of Active corrosion sites after corrosion testing (MIL-DTL-5541F), Par. 3.6.1
  11. Electrical Resistance Testing (MIL DTI-5541F) - Electrical resistance testing chemical conversion coating using four wire Kelvin resistance measurements MIL DTI-5541F, par.

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